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Sarah, William and James join the war on cancer with Connor's Army Junior

Our Aunt Angela, Aunt TaMara, and Aunt Winnie have all had cancer.  Our Grandma Connor and Grandma Lou have both had cancer.  Our Dad works with children who have cancer.

Connor's Army is our family's way to help win the war against cancer.

Connor's Army Junior is our own way to help.

In 2007 our Dad rode 2,154 miles to raise money to fight cancer.  Sarah was only 7 and she rode her bike 50 miles.  Now all three of us are on the road with our Dad for his cross country ride for Sunrise Day Camp.  Sarah is planning to ride at least 400 miles, and William and James are trying for at least 100 miles.

We know lots of kids are effected by cancer and they want to help as much as we do, but they may not know how.  Sometimes you feel sort of helpless because it's such a big job, but even little things can help a lot!  And fighting cancer can help make you feel a little better if someone you love has it.

We have lots of ideas about how kids can help; but we're sure you have lots of ideas, too.  Just think of something you like to do or are good at, and then figure out how to raise money by doing it.  Here are some of the things we've done that you might want to try:
  •         A lemonade stand on a hot day can be a great fundraiser (Sarah had one on Memorial Day once and raised $187.30 for Connor's Army!)
  •         Make jewelry to sell to friends and family
  •         Put on a show and sell tickets
  •         Have a bake sale (just try not to eat too many of the brownies)
  •         Set up a cool art gallery of your own drawings for people to buy
  •         Sell some of your old toys  (William and James raised $73 this way!)

Or you could ride your bicycle like our Dad and us!

We hope you find a way to help - because so many kids love someone who has cancer and it makes them very sad.  We love our Aunts and our Grandmas, and we want them to get better.  And we really want to help send some kids with cancer to camp at Sunrise.

Thank you,

Sarah, William and James
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